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Connecting with Mia.

Please note the most efficient way of connecting with Mia is through text.

Please use this number to text or call Mia:    603-996-1822 

Please use this address to email mia@mialyn.com


Mia understands everyone has  very active and busy lives. Mia is very flexible so please contact her If you desire a massage after hours , on the weekends or any special events you are planning.

Gift  Certificates

One of the things Mia’s clients really appreciate is purchasing gift certificates for family members and friends. As some have said it’s a gift they will remember for the rest of their life.

Other Services

One of the wonderful things about Mia is she tailors her massages specifically for the needs of her clients.
Following is some of what Mia offers her clients:
  • Individual massages.
  • Massages for family group gatherings.
  • Children and teenagers struggling with life
  • Weddings.
  • Yoga retreats.
  • Alternate healthcare retreats.
  • Medical personnel in all aspects of healthcare.
  • Weddings.
  • Yoga retreats.
  • Alternative healthcare retreats.
  • Medical personnel in all aspects of healthcare.
  • Women’s retreats.
  • Men’s retreats.
  • Teachers retreats.
  • Educators retreats.
  • Government retreats.
  • Corporate retreats.
  • Military veterans.
  • Peace officers.
  • People dealing with physiotherapy in their recovery process.
  • People dealing with stress personally and professionally.


Please contact Mia if you would like her to participate in any gatherings or events you may have planned.